Unisensor's repair service is quick and efficient

A customer-friendly repair service is extremely important. We usually complete repair orders in 10 working days maximum. For extremely urgent repairs, use our 48-hour express service for an additional 50 percent.

When an instrument needing repair arrives, it is carefully inspected and analyzed in order to find the most cost effective method of repair for the customer. An estimation of costs is then written and sent to the customer.  Once the customer approves this work order, the repair is completed within 10 days.

It may be cost effective to submit older, or even very old catheters for repair or reconditioning, as long as their general condition allows for future use.


Urgent Field Safety Notification


Please share this information with users of Unisensor’s UniTip High Resolution Catheters. We apologize for any inconvenience that this Field Notification may...