The Unisensor team is competent and dependable

Unisensor ensures that medical products that are ordered from us, whether they are a standard version or a customer specific version,  will be developed using the most dependable, defect-free and certifiably excellent workmanship in the production process.

In order for that to be possible, our employees work in highly coordinated teams. Every member of the team is specialized in their own manufacturing step and works hand-in-hand with every member of the team.

It is always possible for our customers to have direct contact with every member of the production team who is taking part in the production of an ordered product.


Management-Team Unisensor USA Inc.


Peter Schlumpf - Chairman of the Board of Directors, CEO   Email

Peter Franke - Managing Director   Email


Management-Team Unisensor AG

From left to right: S. Mogensen, P. Schlumpf, F. Schlumpf, T. Wetli

Peter Schlumpf - President, CEO   Email

Dr. Susana Mogensen - QA/RA   Email

Thomas Wetli - Production Manager   Email



From left to right: V. Stojanov, J. Rodriguez, D. Makhrov, H. Amrein

Venjamin Stojanov - Project Manager   Email

Jaime Rodriguez de Pablo - Project Mangager   Email

Dmitri Makhrov - Electronic Engeneer   Email

Heinz Amrein - Electronic Engineer   Email



From left to right: K. Schroth, S. Egloff, R. Ceola, K. Heierli

Kurt Schroth - Production Team Leader   Email

Karl Heierli - Purchasing, Order Processing   Email

Raffaella Ceola - Repairs   Email

Sebnem Bayrakdar - Accounting   Email


Staff Unisensor AG




Laborie Medical Technologies, Inc. (“LABORIE”), based in Toronto, Ontario, has completed its acquisition of Unisensor AG and Unisensor USA, Inc. ...